Those who don’t vs. those who can’t….. cues from Gen Z and their grannies

Those who don’t use Internet have no advantage over people who can’t use Internet .

Forgive me for paraphrasing Mark Twain who said “ Those who don’t read books have no advantage over people who can’t read books “ . He said this almost a century ago , now same can be said of online world too.

Don’t talk about the future of online education ,the future has already arrived .

Sometime back my son’s school was closed due to bad weather ( pollution at alarming levels in Delhi NCR) , however he didn’t miss the classes – thanks to video-based classes on zoom .There were assignments given which they were supposed to email and upload and so on .

In our days no school meant no classes and we were all out playing .

From finding out the recipes of making pizza to a daughter reading news on YouTube for a mother with no TV to a stock market aspirant fishing out strategies on Internet , it’s already happened .

There are working people doing certification courses on Digital marketing to enhance their career prospects , a girl wanting to learn about Rock music goes to  Coursera and takes a course and so on ..

If you want to get into a trend early look at the kids …. when 12-year-old kids in school start to talk about YouTube channel , subscribers , copyright , monetization and so  on and so forth – then you know  that web has now become lifestyle .

Interestingly , I spoke to few kids who had undergone a course on Cyber security were having nightmares  of the computers being hacked and everything going awry including the satellites to banks getting swindled  … welcome to the brave new world .

So here are some behavioral trends as a result of ever-increasing emphasis on  online education and the consequent impact:

  1. Online learning will not only be confined to 25 + years old but will cut across all ages – from kids to grandmothers – a parabolic rise .
  2. People’s concentration levels will drop further, and their distraction levels will increase .
  3. Reading and writing skills will deteriorate – people are so used to writing businesslike emails , texting messages and kids are finding it difficult to complete a short story , forget about a long novel.

So look at the kids and the grandmothers to know where the massive trend change is occurring and then propel your business accordingly.

Header image in this page is from Freepik.

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