Why teachers in India find it difficult to create e-learning content?

Imagine yourself sitting in the front row of the audience watching a live theater play and you record the entire episode using your mobile phone or camcorder.  Do you get the feeling of watching a movie when you replay the recording at home? Or to experiment further, show it to a friend or a family member who was not with you in the theater and show them the ‘movie’.

The difference between the classroom lecture delivery and an e-learning video is analogous to the difference between a stage play and a movie. You may not be the only one to fall into the trap of visualizing the recording of your classroom lecture as a fantastic e-learning content; even the best of the best T-schools in India have been under this self-deceptive syndrome for quite some time.

How do you prepare world-class e-learning content without being a techie? Just to soothe your nerves, you need to be as much a techie to produce e-learning content as Amitabh Bachchan needs technical knowledge for sending an e-mail or twitting his opinion or acting in front of a movie camera.

The only pre-requisite needed to produce the second-best quality e-learning content is that you need to be a good teacher first of all. And to produce near-best quality content, you need additionally a little bit of knowledge and practice of simple authoring tools, and few soft-touches of your mobile phone or record and stop buttons of your camcorder.

Take my word, audio-visual presentations based on Power Point slides will take you only an hour to learn and screen capture based white-board kind of contents require around two hours to master. And, learning how to create simple video lectures through your mobile phone or camcorder takes even less time than the above.

Sounds simple? Open up your mind to the world of e-learning contents here.

For the impatient ones, here is a small sample of the most predominant types of e-learning contents.

Image credit: freepik.com

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