Is there any real difference between one LMS and the other?

Every car which runs on petrol or diesel has an engine. This is called an internal combustion engine. Buses and trucks have these kinds of engines. Diesel locomotives have also a diesel-run engine. While all these are called engines, we know that they are different from one another though each of them runs with the same principle. They are different because they are used for different purposes and manufacturers build them with different levels of quality and functionalities.

LMSs (Learning Management Systems) are used by a variety of users – education institutes, coaching centers, training companies, Learning and Development departments of large organizations to deliver online education or training. The requirements of each can be different from the other by wide margins even though each of these segments delivers online education through the LMS. This is because the nature of delivery is different for each. For example, a university may consider assignment submission as a significant part of online delivery whereas a coaching center may consider online tests to be more important. Simple skill providers may not need the elaborate test-prep features required by certification focused training companies. While Learning and Development departments do not have to worry about online payment collections, coaching centers cannot manage without multiple modes of payment.

While one may argue that simple feature differences are mostly insignificant compared to broader set of generalized features available in all, but different LMSs are built with different industry segments in mind and certain feature-sets are available in one LMS that is either not there or not available in the other LMS in the way it is needed (yes, that is a fact!!!). How do you figure out if a particular LMS is suitable for your organization? It is simple if you clearly understand how your education business works now and what you want to achieve in future. It is difficult to figure out the suitability of a LMS when you are mentally detached from your current delivery model. Of course, the LMS may present solutions to problems not anticipated by you; in that case your open-mindedness will help you in figuring out the right LMS for your organization.

If you want to figure how to choose an LMS platform, we have some more stuff for you here.

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