Technology is a great leveller

Few decades ago when I was preparing for the IIT JEE, I had little choice in getting the help I needed to compete against the best and brightest in India. The best teachers and coaching centers were located in big cities and I couldn’t afford to relocate and sign-up with those institutions.

Fast forward to present and we have spread of internet and communication technology and easy access to computers. However, the best teachers are concentrated in big cities and ambitious, bright students in far-flung places still have to do it on their own or travel to the physical locations of great teachers to receive the coaching required. There are also highly talented teachers in small cities and towns who can’t reach out to vast majority of students.

E-learning is to the rescue. With sea-change in infrastructure, we at Quampus determined to bring the best teachers to the students spread all over the country. Learning Management Systems are nothing new in terms of technology. But we are trying to build scalable, accessible and affordable solutions for millions of students and teachers, something never done before.

We are trying to create a level-playing field – an e-learning platform where knowledge providers and knowledge seekers come together for an immersive learning experience.

Pramod Joshi – 12 July 2011

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