Explaining laws of Physics to a barmaid…

This one trick can make learning enjoyable and profitable for all.
Einstein once said that one should be able to explain laws of Physics to a barmaid.

If all the teachers in the world really followed the above saying,  learning delivery will undergo a sea change and make learning enjoyable for the learners.People (especially the learned ones ) have this penchant for making things more complex than they really are;  the so called genius teachers typically will make subjects look more complicated ; whereas we always remember the best teachers as the ones who could explain the subject in the simplest possible manner .

We will have fewer kids hating subjects which they don’t want to learn as they find it too complicated and also they did not find someone who could make the subject sound simpler.

I used to hate chemistry, but one teacher changed all that by explaining all in very simple terms – after which I started loving chemistry.

The most famous and powerful mathematical equation in the world is very simple: E =mc^2 .

When someone asked Warren Buffett:  ‘what makes a good investor’ – he answered: ‘temperament”. He did not throw around any jargon to explain the secret.

J.P.Morgan , the famous financier once said that if a proposal can’t be explained in 5 minutes, then he will never consider it.

Surely Einstein , J.P.Morgan and Warren Buffett were very successful ; it pays to emulate them.

So the point I wish to make is this : make your content simple to understand , enjoyable and you will have many takers.

So now you know why barmaids can’t learn Physics ……

Rajeeva Ranjan – 26 September 2013

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